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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photo Gallery-- My Big Girls in B/W

At 13 and 15 I remember being the most gangly, chicken-legged, stuck-in-between girl and young woman, awkward teenager ever! I could show you pictures, but let's not. Just picture a pimply girl who didn't quite know what pretty was, but still awkwardly tried and never really got there. Some things never change.
How is it that my big girl's generation seems to be missing this awkward stage altogether! Doesn't seem quite fair. They're more poised and graceful. They know fashion and help me understand it. Even in this transitional stage, their skin is still creamy even with the inevitable blemishes. Maybe it's my mama-rose-colored glasses, but they are so pretty! They're even confident! How'd that gangly chicken girl end up with such beautiful daughters?
I took these pics on the front porch of our cabin, directed the girls with the same instructions and am amazed that their personalities still come shining through! Even though the images are so similar, the "feel" is so different. That's Livy on the top, 13 years old, came from the womb an old soul, full of wisdom and tenacity. One of the most compassionate yet bull-headed people I know! And Sunny, on the bottom, 15 years old, born on Thanksgiving day, flourishes in the lime light, confident, and ready to celebrate and love life.

God, I love these young women! I mean exactly that. "Heavenly Father, I love these young women!"


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