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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photo Gallery-- Heather

This is my sweet and wonderful childhood friend, Heather. Heather is drop dead beautiful! Always has been! And as tough as that it to grow up with especially in the tumultuous preteen years, she has a fabulous soul to boot so it was easy! She has these gorgeous fine English features. She's gonna just kill me, but she doesn't have a stitch of make up on in these pictures and look at her! And, more importantly, she's even more beautiful in her soul.

Heather and I grew up together in a podunk small town in the Arizona mountains where life was simple and beautiful. Heather knows where I come from. She grounds me. She sees through all the smiles and tears and the outside materialism and knows my core. Heather and I hid in her basement and played barbies together way after it was cool to do so. In 7th grade, Heather and I got ready for our first dance together and she was the first person I told when I had my first kiss. I think every woman needs other women in her life like this, ones that know you from the earliest ages and know your roots. They keep you real. Heather does this for me.

And this Is Wylie. We, and I'll say we Heather, waited a long time for Wylie. God often has a plan for His beloved that we don't understand. Heck, a plan that we often don't like at all! But He knows just the right time to do everything. Heather is really good at getting all this. I'm not.

In this case He knew just the right time to unite a mama with a baby. Shouldn't every baby come in to the world with someone that loves him as much as Heather loves Wylie? I want it to be this way for all of His children.

And by the way... aren't those the cutest piggies that you've ever seen?

Thank you, Heather, for being so beautiful, then, now, and all the time in between. It took a LOT of pressure off me in high school!

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  1. I think you give me much too much credit, but I love you for it! I really love that the Lord brought us together in the early days and has reunited us today. He is truely an AWESOME God that has given the gift of grace so abundantly that sometimes is hard to fathom. This would be one of those I read your words and treasure your friendship...I know that only He could bless me with a friend like you. Beautiful you!


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