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Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm having another love affair!

I've always had affairs... little love affairs with revolving members of my family. Sometimes I'm in love with Boo and love each little thing he says and does, like how he gets so embarrassed to talk to adults, and I run my fingers through his wavy thick blond hair. I can't get him out of my thoughts. But then as quickly as it started, Sunny will take his place and be the new object of my desire. Currently, I'm having a love affair with Livy.

Livy is 13 years old today! She is our 2nd child. I'd like to think she is the child most like me. That's just wishful thinking.
We always say that Livy was born with an old soul. She just seems to think deeper about the world than most people. Livy isn't a girly-girl. She loves roller coasters and new adventures. She loves sushi, seafood, including squid, octopus... and was the first to try longin fruit, the "eyeball fruit," in VietNam. And speaking of VN, she wasn't too taken back when she and Tim ran into a street vendor selling bar-b-qued dogs. She's more stubborn than GrandDaddy's mule. She's a budding photographer and has an eye for art and God's beauty. She is the best friend that you always wanted.
Livy had decided she wanted to be a pediatric physical therapist, but since T&J came home and the onset of 7 therapy sessions a week, she has since changed her mind and now wants to be a pediatric occupational therapist. She'd be wonderful at it, as her heart is all about giving and helping others.

When we went to VietNam, Livy was the obvious choice to take as our helper. We explained that this trip was NOT going to be a vacation. We didn't know exactly what the conditions would be like, we expected horrid weather conditions, didn't know when we would be eating, and when we did, it might be strange foods that we didn't recognize and couldn't pronounce. We'd need her help to carry heavy things, and maybe wake up in the middle of the night. We guaranteed that we'd be short on sleep and have a long list of chores to do. Still she eagerly wanted to go. Turns out Papa had back problems on day 3 of the trip and Livy gladly carried Jujube around in 95 degrees with 95% humidity for nearly 2 weeks. I still get a smile on my face when I think of the two of us in the back of some compact VN taxi, no a.c., stifling heat, and sweat rolling down us with a hot angry baby strapped on each of us. We giggled and laughed the whole time, stuck in the back of those tiny hot taxis.

Livy has been learning the "art" of fly fishing with Papa. Gotta love her pink fishing vest! She's learned to tie flies and eagerly practices her casting. Last summer she caught her first fish on a fly line, a 18" Apache trout. MY girl!

Currently, she's saving her money so that in several years she can spend one summer and volunteer in orphanages in Africa or VietNam, she hasn't decided which. And Liv has told us that she wants a whole house of children when she grows up, with the caveat that she doesn't want to "have" any of them but wants to adopt them all.

Happy birthday baby girl! I want the world for for you and with your determination, intelligence, and beauty it is ALL possible. You go girl! The world is at your fingertips.


  1. Hearing about kids like Livy restores my confidence in our future. The media, and some parents, love to go with the stereotype of the "out-of-control" narcissistic teenager, and I know there are wonderful young adults out there who are making and will continue to make our world a better place. Happy birthday Livy!


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