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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If Martha were Vietnamese-- Gà xào xả ớt and a favor!

First a service announcement and a favor-- Papa set up a new home computer in my office for the whole family to use. With 3 kiddos that regularly are required a computer for homework, it gets congested. So now we have an extra. Lucky Mama! And with our business downsizing thanks to the glorious economy, no purchase needed. My kind of price range! BUT now that I look at the blog from a new screen, Holy neon pics, Batman! Looks like I've run all my recent photos through the neon car wash! Pretty sure the images are gonna jump through the screen and eat me, alive, for brunch! I can't tell if it's my computer screen that's warped, or the new one Papa just set up. Could you PLEASE tell me if the pics you see require sunglasses to view? If a few hundred of you say so, than I'll know it's just me. Please. I'm SO embarrassed Aunt Shug! (and not to call anyone out, but especially you Mary and Beth. I know you're new here and just wanted to see if you got on ok. Hi! How you doing? How're the kids? Bet you're having better weather than we are right now!)
(Like there are really a hundred people that even read this gibberish!)

We now continue with our regularly scheduled program...

Translated I think it's chicken fried with lemon grass or something like that. Toddlers are crawling all over me this very minute making it hard to concentrate! Never-the-less, this one was SO SO tasty and easy and will definitely be regular at our house. There wasn't a drop left when the dinner was done. (And I was hoping for left-overs!) I already bought the ingredients to make it a second time.

Recipe-- from Vietnamese home cooking for Everyone (by Andre Nguyen)
10 oz chicken cut into bite size pieces
2 T corn starch
1 T veg oil
2 t salt

Cooking sauce-
2 T chopped lemon grass
1 T VN soy sauce
1/2 T fish sauce

1/2 T sugar
1 t chili flakes
1 t chopped garlic
1/2 red onion
16-20 Thai basil leaves
1/4 c coconut juice

--sprinkle chicken with salt and cornstarch
--Combine cooking sauce in a small bowl

--heat oil in wok, saute chicken over medium heat till lightly browned
--add cooking sauce. Cook for 1 minute
--Stir in onion, basil, and coconut juice. Cook 1 minute
--post photo of finished product on facebook page and wait for praise to boost self esteem

The red onion, as opposed to another kind is a must. Adds a great texture and is so pretty. I also added more coconut juice as I love to soak French bread in the juices. You could serve with rice noodles or rice, but I prefer French bread the best!

onions and basil just look yummy!

in the wok, and almost done


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  2. Love your cooking posts! Keep them coming. The children are all beautiful and your photos are amazing!


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