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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hi Michelle!

Oh NO! There's someone with Vietnamese heritage reading my egocentric blather! Hi Michelle! Now I'm really embarrassed! I'm sure Anthony and you have tasted far far better Vietnamese cuisine than my Caucasian attempts. (Can you see me sinking in my chair? Feels like I just got caught cheating on my chemistry test in high school again! Who remembers Mr. Kaminski anyway?) What I would give to be in Anthony's mom's kitchen and just take it all in! I'd take notes! I'd take picture! I'd ask to be adopted!

Well... hmmm... I didn't make it! I just took pictures of it! I'll get Papa to write it down for me and get it to you.

I'm trying to learn all I can about VietNam, but as a soccer mom in AZ, it's hard. I so so wish I had more readers that knew about Vietnam and it's fare, then they could correct what I am sure are my many inaccuracies and teach me more about this culture, and the food, and the country and...!

My next recipe is xào xả ớt. (Might have the accent marks wrong) I actually made that one this afternoon. It too was yummy and with french bread to soak up all the juices, it was divine.

YES! You forward me the recipe for pho ga, and I'll cook it and show you how it went on the blog! Sounds too fun. I'm a little too excited.

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