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Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Jujube!

We missed Jujube's first birthday. At this point I could easily go into a lengthy tirade discrediting our US Govt. representatives in VeitNam, describing their purposeful efforts to keep my son in an orphanage and out of the arms of his forever family. No... this is a time for celebration!

This birthday we celebrate Jujube, our incredible boy, all together as one family!
Speaking of my boy... have you seen my stinkin' cute stud muffin! Oh my, those cheeks! That smile with all those cute teeth! His cute bed head in the morning! The way he sucks on the corner of his t-shirt when he's sleepy! The way his mouth is rarely closed and almost always has a smile! When he leans in a gives Tess a kiss, I could just melt! Sometimes, actually quite frequently, I am still in awe that I am this sweet boy's mama, and it makes me want to smile more when the days are tough and give more hugs and kisses when I'm short on time and energy!

So a little update on where Jujube is with his feet. He still wears his braces about 12 hours a day, mostly at night since he can't walk when it's on. He'll continue to wear it till about age 5. He'll probably have a 3rd surgery around his 4th birthday. I'm told it'll be minor. We continue with physical therapy once a week to work on his foot/ankle strength and balance. He's still pretty wobbly when he walks and his balance needs work. BTW-did I mention how STINKIN' CUTE HE IS? He has the cutest toes that seem to wiggle all the time! Baby wiggly toes! How adorable is that?!

Happy birthday sweet Little Man!
Party pics to come... maybe... hopefully... if I can channel my inner super-hero mommy multitaskin' spirit!

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  1. Happy 2nd birthday Jude! You are truly adorable. A beautiful boy!

    Wondering what kind of camera you have! Your photos are amazing. :)


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