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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy 8 Highlights-- Karma

In hind sight, this is funny! Only in hind sight.

Yesterday Sunny is going to do charity work and asks if she can bring a friend along. I pick her up from school with "said friend," only to discover that "said friend" is of the male persuasion. So they get in the car and I drive them over to the Boys & Girls club only to discover that it was closed that day.

Now wait a minute... back up... So I drive them... ya that's it. Stop there.

Understand that "said friend," let's call him Mr. D, is approx 6'2" and 175 lbs. wearing a dress shirt, tie and khakis. No way was I going to ask Mr. D to crawl over the seats of my soccer-mom SUV and between dueling car seats. This is no "boy" sitting next to me. Mr. D is nearly a "man." (Uh oh! What implications does that have for aforementioned teenage daughter?! Too much for this brain to process. Erase. Erase.)

So we return home, and they eat some popcorn and play some pool and sit on the couch and talk. I know 'cause I was stealthy watching everything, because this is my first born, and I don't have parenting down pat like I do with my 4th or 5th child. I steal away and text Papa with my revelations, but in a more concise manner, "There is a MAN in our house!" Almost immediately, the phone rings. It's Papa. "Are you OK? Do I need to come home?"

Realizing Papa has likely interpreted my text all wrong, but not wanting to commit a mortal sin and embarrass my daughter in front of Mr. D, I tell Papa, "All is ok! Can't talk right now. Will text with details." And I follow up with the text, "It's just Suny's male friend from school."

Brief interruption... did I mention how lame I am with technology! Unbeknowst to me, my cell phone is now dead. But, and I don't know how this actually happens, it's still on. I know how lame it is that I can't tell when my phone is on or off.

So Papa never gets the message re no boogie man is in our house!

The next thing I know, a neighbor shows up at my door looking around with big eyes, hesitant to come inside, and asks, "Is everything ok?" It is only at this point that I put all the pieces together.

Papa, who has dropped everything at work, hopped in the car, and rushed over to "take care of business," i.e the nonexistent boogy man, now pulls up looking quite frazzled. Leaving me to explain all the details.

I'm not sure if Mr. D ever knew what was coming for him or not. Sunny says she told him. She said Mr. D thought we were "cool," so I think not.

An old friend says this is all karma for the crudge we put our own parents through. That's probably true. If it is, this may be the tip of the iceberg.

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