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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CPS fodder?

Party pics of Jujube's birthday celebration---

Before you condemn me for feeding my kids crap...

There's a tradition in our home (I LOVE traditions and think it builds a more cohesive family) that on each person's birthday, he/she may choose a restaurant to go to, or pick a favorite meal for me to make. In case you haven't noticed, we're a big family, and it costs one of our kiddos to go out to eat so we do it rarely. So the kiddos usually pick a restaurant. (picture me giddy at this outcome!) But Jujube appreciates his favorite foods over a restaurant. So I served his favorites, including Cheetos, hot dogs, and everyone got a Twizzler with their chocolate cake!
Yea, I know it's still crap, and surely we all glow in the dark after eating this fluorescent cheese-ish, product snack. Go ahead and call CPS now.

Jujube actually didn't like the cake too much. He's not one for getting his hands messy. Can you see the frosting sliding off the cake?

A beautiful day and a beautiful boy!

Tess loving the blowers. What do you call those things?
Yes, new facial abrasions when she jumped out of the stroller face first. More fodder for that CPS call...

Lookie! Thanks Auntie Sherri and Uncle Tommy for the new truck!
Here's Jujube sitting badly. His physical therapist would have a fit if she saw him sitting like this. Bad mommy. This post seems to have a theme going.

Jujube in the horse shoe pit with his new club. How's this golf thingy work? Notice the pink shoes.

I want the ball to go where? Nice stance for a 2 year old! Notice the ankle turn/pivot! So proud! Papa has grand visions of his boys and golf in his senior years.

Better tighten up that grip. Uh and maybe get different shoes.

A lovely day for a celebration on the picnic table. Nothing fancy, just Jude's favorites and family. Hi cousin Hani! So special to have you with us! Look, another brunette just like you!
Wanna share some of your favorite family traditions with me? Please? Really? I love things that are relatively easy and cost efficient of course.
Christina-- My camera is a Cannon Ti1 digital SLR with either a 50mm 1.8 or 18-77mm lens, that I JUST got for my birthday. Everything pre-June is a Nikon point-n-shoot. I LOVED photography so long ago, and with my new camera the love is coming alive again. SO So fun! But I REALLY need so much practice and am far from being good. Thanks for the compliment! My kiddos really are SO sick of me shooting them and even my 6-year-old is rolling his eyes at me when I point it at him. Can I come up to CO and practice on Emma? Did I mention how much fun I'm having!

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