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Monday, August 10, 2009

Crazy 8 Highlights--Major Appliances

  • Patch has been trying to break the world record for # of golf balls collected... really. No, I have NO idea how many that would be, but he's up to 135, all lovingly fished out of the lake on #18. Just the mental image of the effluent rich scum on his feet and legs is enough to make me oogy. Let's not think about that. Then of course the babes get into them and scatter them everywhere. Just what we needed, 135 golf balls rolling around the house, under every sofa table and credenza. And if I have to go under there, I discover hiding dust bunnies, which out of respect I try to ignore! And they scare me! I love Boo's face in this pic behind Patch, like his wheels are spinning figuring how he can get him some of that action!
  • School started this morning. Yes, in AZ we start early. We get out early too.
  • In a momentary lapse of judgement/sanity (which rarely happens?) I lost track of T&J, then strangely got side tracked, (which also rarely happens! Let me live in my bubble, OK?!) and found that they cooperatively unloaded a dishwasher full of dirty dishes onto the kitchen floor. Being the eternal optimist, gotta love that they are advancing into cooperative play!
  • The boys, trying to help me out, (how sweet are they!) reloaded above said dishwasher, and started it. The only problem, sadly discovered an hour later and an hour too late, (and don't get me wrong, I could care less which way the silverware is loaded!) was that they loaded it with dish soap. I'm sure all you mama's out there have had this scene played out in your own homes. If not, picture stereotypical movie scene with heaping mounds of foamy bubbles spewing all over the kitchen floor. I periodically mucked it up till the cycle was complete. Eternal optimist says... kitchen floor is sparkling clean! Nobody tell Timmy of the warped cabinetry please! Perhaps strange and unusual vision of sparkling kitchen floor will throw him off!
  • Sunny tricked Granna and me into hemming her uniform school skirts (picture proverbial parochial plaid) at least 3" higher! Ohhhhh, bad teenager! I told her I hope Sister Mary Yardstick catches it! I think Sister Mary Yardstick would give a far more fitting punishment than I would! Can Sisters still flog children?
  • Patrick has an obsession with making and eating a peanut butter=mayonnaise sandwich. I think no commentary needed here.
  • I talked/emailed with our adoption caseworker this week. She's such an awesome lady, (did I mention that she ROCKS!) and I love love love to keep in touch with her just to chat. She has so much wisdom on so many things. She says there may be some distant hope that VietNam adoptions may resume next year, although it would be a far different, longer, more cumbersome process. Wouldn't surprise me at all if VietNam never wanted to deal with those mean crazy Americans ever again. We had also heard that 2011 would be the earliest US/VN adoptions would start up again if ever, but maybe special needs adoptions would open prior to that. Since adopting a special need's child would be our objective, this could be good news for us... someday. Our home study expires in Sept. We're still debating about having it renewed.
  • Sunny thinks I should just be done with it and dye all my hair grey. Do they even make that color? Strangely, I'm considering it. Thoughts?
  • I opened the washing machine this morning to do the laundry and found a load full of nothing but Papa's underwear. A whole load! So this's how he operates in our absence! Is this TMI? It certainly is TFI! (too funny information! Come on! That's funny stuff!) btw- he said it was ok that I put that in print! I asked and everything. It's that kind of marriage!

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  1. What a beautiful family you have! Thank you for allowing me a peek inside your lives. I look forward to watching your adorable little ones blossom!!


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