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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photo Gallery -- It's all about Tess lately

We have a picture of Tess at 8 months old, when she was still in the orphanage, with JUST this crinkled-up nose smile. My case worker suggested that maybe she is one of those kids whose whole face wrinkles up when they smile. As she has grown, so has the smile, and indeed it has taken over her eyes, mouth and whole face. She still has it! I LOVE it!

Truth be told, I've been wanting to get some pics of Tess with her conical hat before she out grows it. I know that these pics will be priceless when she's older. And yes, those are little abrasions all over her face. She fell into some rose bushes last week, poor thing!


  1. What fabulous photos of Tessa. What a gorgeous little girl she is. Soooo pretty! She also looks so happy and secure. You are doing a fantastic job with her.


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