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Friday, July 10, 2009

Photo Gallery--Crocodile Tears

What happens when you try to take a cell phone away from Tess? Crocodile tears. 6 kids later, and we've NEVER had a child with a temper like Tess. She will drop to the floor, throw her head back till it hits hard, roll around several times, flail her arms and legs, screaming all the while. It's quite a production. Lucky this aint my first rodeo.

My Papa has been taking photos of Latin American children forever now, and he's always said that there is something so beautiful about catching that those dark skin tones on film. Tess, whose skin is darker than Jude's, is just a dream to photograph and lately is my favorite subject with those dreamy dark eyes, (looks like she's wearing eyeliner here!) and dark skin. Just don't try to take the cell phone from her! Or her blankie, or her sippy cup, or the Tonka truck, or...

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