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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Cabin in the Woods...

Summer in the AZ mountains has been wonderful and at times loud and sometimes filled crazy chaos. Don't get me wrong, I'm SO lucky to be here, but part of me wants to go back home to the stinkin' hot desert, which currently at 9pm at night is honestly 112 degrees. Back home with Papa sleeping next to me every night and back to my home with all it's luxuries... luxuries like a kitchen and trash pick up and a washer/dryer that work without 12 hr notice. When we bought this adorable cabin, there were definite plans of a quick addition with a kitchen and working septic and laundry room and something other than a dorm-sized fridge... but with the business struggling those plans are on definite hold. The only table that seats all of us in on the front porch and that part is fantastic, eating breakfast,lunch, and dinner al fresco. My dreamy cabin in the woods is a cozy and sweet, but with 6 kiddos and Papa only here on the weekends, it has been trying to manage a household here. In a moment of weakness, I emailed my mom late at night and told her I needed reinforcements. She didn't hesitate and is now here helping out cooking, cleaning, and more importantly reiterating that I'm doing a good job. How old am I? And I still need my mom?

I know that the kiddos are having a wonderful time despite the cramped quarters and lack of modern conveniences. As predicted, Patch, (giving Granna a bear hug) is off each morning, and we don't see him till late in the day, starving and filthy. He's played 9 holes of golf every day for a long while now and several times a week he gets in 18. Remember that he's only 10. I hope he keeps it up. We could use a college scholarship with 6 kiddos! His hernia is acting up again with all his activity. When we go home next month, we'll look into re-scheduling his surgery for its repair.

Sunny is practicing her driving skills where ever we go. She's defiantly getting more confident behind the wheel. These days you'll find her with a permanent smile plastered on her face as she's enamored with her first "real" boyfriend. I could say more, but that would be a betrayal of her trust and so far it's been wonderful that she's keeping me in the know. Let's just say, she is DEFIANTLY keeping me on my toes the summer testing boundaries. I mean that's what being almost 16 is all about, right? Here's a picture of her with her good friend Sarah who spends a lot of time up here too. Beautiful young women!

T&J toddle around each day and get quite dirty. We take daily walks and my stroller is putting on some miles. Jujube also likes to push Tess around on the tricycle which is so good 'cause she loves nothing more than to be pushed around. Lucky for us the cabin does have a bath tub which gets a work out each evening!

I'd better head off to bed. The days start around 7am, and it's best to be well rested.

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