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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hackers, Chop, and a Good Stick

Above--Tess runs across the putting green, a BIG no no!

The last few week have been full of golf. The kiddos have been knee deep in a golf clinic followed by a golf tournament. They do this each summer. Seems my older girls have finally decided that golf isn't their thing, and aren't too enthusiastic to play anymore. Which is unfortunate because Liv has a gorgeous swing. So that leaves me with the middle boys Mon-Thurs at a golf clinic and Friday a tourney for them for two weeks. How'd they do? Well let's say Boo's swing is much improved from last year. He was particularly fascinated with the score card, and with all those swings, we use hash marks to keep track of the strokes. At one point during the tournament he commented, "Oh look mom, I'm doing GREAT! I have more marks that anyone!" Not sure he quite gets the whole low-stroke objective yet! On 3 holes, Boo scored a 39.

Patch is getting better each year, and he's now good enough to play with Papa and Grandpa, and it's good time for him to spend alone with them. (Although yesterday he said he didn't want to, opting to spend time with his friends. I think he hurt their feelings!) Patch scored a 50 on 8 holes. Not bad for a 10 year old.

If was so fun spending time with my sister-in-law (Hi Sherri!) during the golf extravaganza, so there are several pics with the cousins too. My neices and nephews fared MUCH better in the standings getting both a 2nd and a 3rd in their division. Congratulations Kylee and Payton!

Above--Sherri waits with her kiddos during the clinic

Below-- A sea of junior clubs

Below--Patch waits to tee up and practices bouncing the ball

Below--Papa and Patch --Whose having more fun? Close call!

Below--Patch and Kylee--These two cousins are 3 months apart and are both 10 years old. They really enjoy each other's company. When Kylee's not there, Patch anxiously asks when she's coming.

Below--Sunny and Kylee still giggle

Below--My gorgeous niece Kylee. Oh those eyes and that smile! Really, she is SO SO pretty! Here she proudly shows off her 2nd place score card.

Below-Patch in the VERY rough on #11

Above--Boo's tourney score card. Lot's of tally marks is good... right?

Above--Granna helps Boo with his swing. Be sure to stay clear of the club, Granna! Gotta love the hat!

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