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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday Blitzkrieg quickly approaching

Did I mention that the summer flowers in the AZ mountains are divine? I've had more fun on my walks peering into my neighbor's gardens to see what treasures await! Then stealthily treading into these gardens to snap my pics. Ya, I know, it's not a pretty picture, me sneaking around my neighbor's property! But the flowers sure are pretty!

My thoughts are also consumed with our upcoming festivities! In our home we have 5 birthdays in the span of 34 days! Throw in T&J's "forever family" day and our anniversary also in this time frame, and we have a VERY busy time. We're probably crazy, but we're thinking of throwing a couple parties during this time too. Jujube's 2nd birthday comes first, then our anniversary, then Livy's birthday, followed by Tess, then forever family day and lastly the birthdays of Patch then Boo. This of course leads to the inevitable topic of cake! 5 weeks of cake for the whole family! What's not to love!

If I'm still breathing come mid-Sept, someone please scoop me up and carry me away to a spa!

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