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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July Celebration

I have to say, that I live in the best neighborhood when it comes to celebrating the 4th of July. Probably because this is a summer community, and it's the only holiday when most of the residents are here. Nevertheless, there is a lot of todo around the 4th of July.

One group of neighbors has started a "parade" and over the years is has grown. This year I'm guessing that there were 50 entries, mostly lavishly decorated golf carts, and strollers, and kids riding their bicycles and even dogs with streamers. My favorite this year was the boat full of kids! Linda looks a little hot waiting in the back of the golf cart. Then there is also a little carnival for the kids that I would imagine had at least 200 people attend. (That's Patch on the left with his buddies in the wigs!)

I am again amazed (but shouldn't be) that the Lord has challenged my complacency. The days recently have been FULL THROTTLE PARENTING with little rest to breath as a mama. It seems that all the major tragedies happen when Timmy's away, leaving me to all the big decisions regarding consequences, groundings, big discussions, home management... and leaving me exhausted every evening. I've be seriously questioning my ability to effectively parent a teenager. And next month, with Livy's 13th birthday, we'll have two of them under roof. As a reoccurring thought, I contemplate our decision to live in the city we've chosen, an upper-class affluent community, and consider moving to a small town, like the one Tim and I grew up in. Not that that would alleviate all or even any of our parenting issues. I think I'll start a new mantra that reminds me that each of these challenges is an opportunity for my children to grow into stronger better adults.

We're so lucky that each of Tim's siblings and their families are also up here in our little cabin community. (Pics of cousins Payton doing his "gansta" impersonation at his 8th birthday celebration and Forrest too) Tim's parents also have a cabin across the way so this week our days are filled with cousins and grandparents, and bicycle riding, and golf, building forts, swinging on the hammock, games of family baseball in the back yard, and sewing projects... The kiddos are having a fun time. We are SO fortunate!

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