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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Official AZ adoption day!

For those of you that followed our journey from the beginning, you may remember our horrible experience with the U.S. govt. I am still bitter. I am still sad. I am still grieving the lost 4 months that our U.S. govt made us wait for Tess and Jude while our file sat on some one's desk doing absolutely nothing. I am still angry that Jude had to have a completely unavoidable surgery and physical therapy every week for months now with months to go compliments of our government's ineptness. I am still so so very angry that my daughter was forced to lay in a orphanage crib largely ignored for almost 4 extra months for no reason other than to promote some USCIS official's alternative agenda to close down VietNam adoptions. It worked... at the sacrifice of my children.

I've heard many adoption mamas say that the moment you finally hold your child in your arms, you will forget all the anguish and tears shed waiting for them. I didn't forget at that moment. If anything, holding my precious children for the first time magnified my feelings.

Today our gov't acknowledged our adoption in a "re-adoption" in a state court proceeding. Tess ran around the court room and laughed as Patch played, "I'm gonna get you" with her. (notice in the pic that Jujube has a handful of my hair which he is pulling out! Too funny that boy!) It was a good day, but I still have mixed feelings. Joyous that our Lord has found me fit to parent 2 more of his beloved children and that the corporeal world now recognizes this officially in name and documents. Yet angry that this is the same government, my government, that tried so hard to prevent this adoption from happening and at a bare minimum showed little concern for their well being of my children while they waited and waited and waited...

Today we will celebrate that we all finally share the same last name and in the eyes of our country and that we are officially a family of 8.

But our real celebration will still be September 1 each year, the day they came into our arms and our hearts forever and ever.

I love you Jude! I love your smile and your strong-willed personality. I love your wobbly, drunk walk and admire how you pick yourself up each time you fall! I want to be able to laugh with reckless abandoned more often like you do. It was no wonder you were a favorite of the orphanage director.

I love you sweet Tess. I admire your strength and will to survive. I love the smiles that you beam. I'm jealous of your beauty, and love how you show the world how much beauty there is in diversity. Each time you run into my arms, I want to cry tears of joy. You make me a better mama, and a better me, and it is a privilege to help you along your journey.


  1. Oh how lucky I am to just have logged on and see this family. I was going to ask how "court" went today, looks like it went wonderfully. What an beautiful step in your journey, we just love those little guys as we love the rest of the family, can't wait to hug and smooch them again! I am so lucky to have so many nieces and nephews!

  2. What a pretty bracelet! Where is it from?


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