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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Life in the AZ mountains for the summer! Lovely!

We've retired to our bitty cabin for the summer months. 10 weeks of 8 of us, 2 dogs, 1 Guinea pig, and 1 pet rat in 16oo sq. feet, and it's sheer bliss!

T&J and I go on a walk each day to the park, the phone rings less, and there are few errands. We dig in the sand, pick up pine needles and pine cones, and go down the slide again and again. The sun shimmers through the oak trees, and I'm always amazed how loud the wind can be blowing through the pines. Jude is practicing his kissing skills, and the big girls have taught him how to say, "huba-huba." Too cute!

Tess, although still not even close to talking, has started signing her first word, "more." She has the cutest gibberish that sounds like running dialog but makes no sense. We also turn up the music and dance dance dance!

Summertime... just wonderful!

PS-gotta new camera for my birthday! YEA! Still learning how to us it, but oh my, I'm having SO much fun practicing. My kiddos are starting to tire of me snapping away at them. Starting to borrow other people's kids to keep practicing.

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  1. I will be keeping my misadventures to myself!! Glad to catch up on your life and the kids, it is nice t still feel slightly connected to you guys even though we never see each other! Love and kisses to everyone, I will be up to see you in the next few weeks.


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