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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can you see it????

For those of you that emailed me asking about the DNA testing we had done and Tess's results, here's a recent pic of Tess. (I had no idea her hair was getting so long until I looked at this picture! Amazing how I see things in print that I can't see with my eye. Maybe that's why I keep taking all these pictures!) Now that you know the results, see if you can see the evidence of her surprise ethnicity... it's a pretty good combination of Vietnamese and XXXX, hu? We're still floored by the results! If you have NO idea what I'm talking about, you may want to peruse my last post. Oh my good golly, I think she is just gorgeous! I know I can't really see her beauty through unbiased eyes, but I still think she's so stunning! "Exotic" is the word we get from most who see her.

Tess's most recent accomplishments? Well, she's eating more and more, and as a result, I'm less and less worried about her weight, even though my scale was off and she's still at 19+ lbs. I hope to have her off the Duocal (nutritional/weight supplement she's been on since we got her) in the fall sometime. Her speech is a whole 'nother concern. She hasn't a single word. She finally started making some sounds in the last couple months. Don't know if you remember how quiet she was, not even crying for the first several months we had her and barely making any noises till recently. We're proud to say she is finally speaking in "baby-ease" but no words yet. Eventually it will come and speech therapy will continue till she's on par. I guess I'm not too worried that she's not talking yet or doesn't even have a single word, but sometimes when I'm around others that comment on it, it's makes me a little uneasy in my shoes. I'd really LOVE to hear from any of you adoption mamas with little ones had some speech delays and know how it's going. Anyone???? She's also learning how to jump. It's just too cute as her feet get about 1/2 inch off the ground! She also walks up and down steps like a pro. All the physical therapy is paying off. Probably the biggest change in Tess in the last month has been with her connection to people. She's still "aloof" much of the time, but she's much more likely now to match our smile with a big cheesy grin that consumes her whole face! Ohhhhh, so good! If I only could have known this progress was eventually coming 10 months ago.

And Jujube? Well he's just cute as a bug! Although he speaks many words and puts 2 words together, he largely relies on sign. Watching him talk to the dog in baby sign is too cute! He just doesn't get why the dogs don't understand him! He's convinced that Tickle-me-Elmo and bath bubbles are Satin. No joking, that there is nothing more scary you can show him! I'm also trying to get him in the habit of wearing baseball hats, 'cause honestly it's just too darn cute, and he loves any sport that has some sort of bat or club and regularly practices swinging with any thing that could remotely resemble a bat. His sleeping habits have unfortunately taken a turn for the worse, and I'm just not sure what to do. He's now waking 1-2 times a night, and it seems to be getting worse. Getting him to sleep each night is getting progressively worse although nap times strangely are a breeze. Best way to describe it is to say he's absolutely scared to death of going to bed. We leave the light on now which helps some, and he still sleep an arm's length from us. But it's still just getting worse. This isn't my first rodeo, and I'm pretty confident about my skills in getting kiddos into good sleep habits. So I attribute much of Jujube's poor sleep patterns on being in an orphanage. Well, there are worse problems then a mama and her lack of sleep, and we'll keeping working through it.
Really am looking for your experiences with speech delays...

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