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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A typical day...

Days are so so full. A day in the life of a mama of 6-
Papa and I are up at 6:00am and tiptoe out of our bedroom trying to let Jujube and Tess sleep just 20 more minutes. (Both babies sleep in our room.) We pack lunches for the bigger school age children and make breakfast and get the kiddos dressed for school. Sometime around there, the big kiddos get too loud for the babies to sleep and then all 8 of us are awake by usually 6:30am. We load up the car and make trips to the elementary school and the high school to drop everyone off.
From the time the older kiddos leave for school, till I pick them up, my days belong to Tess and Jujube. We typically, start our day with bottles of milk and breakfast at the high chair, maybe scrambled eggs, cheerios, juice, and apple slices. Then I take them to their room, change them out of their jammies, take Jujube's braces off, and we get down on the floor for good ol' "playtime." We do a little physical therapy with him at this time too. I love to see them scooting around with their diapers on so free and exploring their world. If they were really messy from breakfast, I may give them a bath followed my a massage with lotion and get them dressed.
Next we move to my bed room where I turn on the bathroom TV for them to watch Little Einsteins or Backyardagains, (strangely I like both these shows! Hard to admit I not only let but encourage the babies to watch TV!) but this is when I get dressed, take a shower, make my bed if I'm lucky to have enough time.
Then I try to let them play on the floor in the family room while I start a load of laundry and work on the kitchen a bit. Usually, this idea is abandoned all together in lieu of more play time on the floor. Their favorite toys include a big bouncy ball, cars, and anything they can pull up on.
Finally, now that the doc appointments have eased up, we've been able to set up a routine with a regular nap time, and they usually lay down to sleep from 11:00-1:00pm. This is where I can really start to hustle and get a little house work done and start dinner. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off for 1+ hour trying to get stuff done. Then I sit down, make myself lunch and relax a little with "crap TV" from Tivo and catch my breath till they wake up.
Lunch for the babies is next and some "messy time" in their high chairs with pudding or syrup or baby food or sour cream... and then usually it's time to load them in the car to pick up the older kiddos from school at 2:15pm. The big girls are so good and usually are chomping at the bit to play with Tess and Jujube when they come home from school. I let 'em, and then it's the time I use to help Patch and Boo with homework and get them settled in from school, (sand out of the shoes, snacks made, lunch boxes empties, talk about their days, help with homework...) The babies are usually ready for a snack by this time, not to mentions the girls need to get started on their homework, and I can give the babies some munchies while I get the rest of dinner finished and Papa is home at 5:00-5:30 like clock work. Oh I LOVE the sound of him coming in the door! Another pair of adult hands! Bless his heart as he's hardly ever late and always calls if he's even gonna be 5 minutes late! A good good man he is. Since we've been home with the babies, he often comes home early just to help out, and OFTEN I need it just to keep my sanity in check.

Family dinner around 5:30pm, ( a HUGE priority in our home!) then maybe a little walk after dinner or a project, (currently we're working on making Xmas tree ornaments!) Then Tess and Jujube can take baths again or just a little more playtime with Papa rolling around on the floor. We get Tess & Jujube ready for bed around 6:30pm, and they are hopefully asleep by 7:00pm so there's time to talk with the girls about all the things teenage girls need to talk about! (Which recently is who "likes" who, what to wear to the Xmas dance, how hard advanced algebra is, why practicing the piano is sooo important to mom and why quitting is not an option, whose coming for Thanksgiving dinner, what can we do about little brothers just barging int he bathroom when the door is closed...)
I clear the table and girls clean the kitchen and wash the dishes. We put Boo to bed around 7:00pm. This is where I'm starting to fade fast! Then more cuddle time on the couch with the bigger kiddos and a Tivo favorite, which recently can be John and Kate + 8, Crusoe, The Amazing Race, or Dirty Jobs, and the bigger kiddos scoot off to bed at different times.

Some quiet undisturbed time for mom and papa and roll myself into be around 9:30pm (unusually for me who is normally a night owl) and Papa and I negotiate who get to take the first turn with Jujube when he wakes up at 2:30am.
Now if a monkey wrench is thrown into this schedule, like a trip to the store, a visit to the doc, or errands, then everything gets thrown off wack! Maybe later I'll figure out how to get to the grocery store!
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