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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!

Boo: "Mama, I am so glad the babies are here!"
Me: "Oh I'm so glad to hear you say that! They are so lucky to have a wonderful big brother like you! Why do you say that?"
Boo: "'Cause before they came I only had fun playing with toys. Now I have fun playing with the babies too!"

My days and my arms and my heart are full!

Life here is so so busy. I never said that with 4 kids amazingly, but with 6 kids, I just can't seem to get myself organized. Tess and Jujube have several therapy sessions a week and that is on top of visits to the pediatrician, orthopedist, carpooling the bigger kids around... Many, or rather most days, I can't seem to find time to bathe. But don't get me wrong, it's so so much fun and exhausting at the same time. And now that I'm, forty, I'm smart enough to know just how quickly time flies as you watch a child grow, and I know that someday all too soon, I'll miss the bustle of these days when I cursed the middle of the night feedings and piles of sand left around on the floor.

The babes are doing well. Both are so close to walking, and then I'll really be in trouble trying to keep track of them both.

Tess is 15 months old and up to 17 1/2 lbs now. She is slowly putting on weight but not nearly as quickly as the pediatrician or I would like her to. We dutifully try to teach her that food is not the enemy at least 3X a day but her relationship with food is likely to be a struggle for a long time. Most of her nutrition still comes from bottle feeding. I am so thankful for the nutritious modern day formula! She still sleeps very well, 6:30 pm till we wake her at 8:00am the next morning, and it's a relief to get rest, especially since Jujube still wakes 2-3 times a night. In my heart, I know she will be a strong young woman with such a promising future. I remember and hang on what a dear friend has told me, that we are "growing miracles," And even though she has quite a temper, she is a beauty and her smiles still melt my heart and make me tear up.

At 16 months, Jujube is ALL boy! He's almost 20 lbs and gets into everything, demands my attention, hits, yells and hollers to get his way, and is so all around cute that we just want to eat him all up! Yummy! His casts are off and he now wear braces 23 1/2 hours a day. The medical services and insurance to pay for it all is a blessing. But I can't stand these braces! There a big bolts that come out of them and they scratch and bruise my skin, rip my clothing, mark up my leather sofas and wood floors, and all around hurt! He will continue to wear the braces till age 4-5. However when he starts walking he will only have to wear them at night. We hope that is soon and gives us an inspiration to do physical therapy sessions with him a couple times a day! It is amazing how he gets around on the braces. They don't slow him down a bit. He still cruises around the furniture, pushes chairs and toys around the house and even seems to be trying taking his first steps, even though in those things surley it will result in a fall!

We recently had a visit with Santa. From the pics, you can see it didn't go well. Jujube was convinced Mr. Clause was some evil demon from the underworld sent just to capture small Vietnamese children. Tess all the while looked at Jujube with all his fussing trying to figure out what the big deal was. After all, Tess is all about "stuff" and she saw Santa came with gifts.

And of course the other kiddos keep us busy too. This blog has always focused on the miracle of the journey that has brought us to Jujube and Tess. But here are some peeks of the other little ones too. Patch is here in his orchestra concert. Livy with the big guy in the red suit. Recently all the parenting has been about our beautiful teenage young lady running quickly towards an independent life. This mama's trying to find the fine balance between holding her safly within my arms and letting her fly. It's a beautiful process to watch, and I am so so amazed that God entrusted me with not only our first and oldest, but each of these independent free-thinking children. My heart bursts with love.

Well I know the world is trying to tell me to be more PC, but I'm just a ol' sentimental softy. So instead of "Happy Holidays" or "Enjoy the Season," which somehow seem to dilute this blessed holiday, I'll leave you with the reason for the season,

Merry Christmas All!

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  1. What a year it has been for you Nancy! I am so happy to see and hear how fulfilled you are. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.


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