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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We're coming home!

09 September, 2008 9:30pm ish

We’re coming home tomorrow, Wednesday. Just a day earlier than planned but Todd the miracle worker travel agent was able to get us out a day early and get us 2 bassinettes on Eva. Yea Todd!

We’re busy packing so I’ll keep this short.
Today we visited the Museum of Ethnology. Again recommended to anyone who comes to Hanoi for a visit. It is a museum that explains about the different ethic tribes that are here in Viet Nam and their heritages and how they live.

Lots of power shopping too. We visited “tin street,” “silk street,” “wood carving street,” “luggage street,” and I’m sure there are some others I am forgetting. We had to buy an extra suitcase for the goodies we are taking home.

Papa-The dolphin has a new home and will bring luck to its new family. More to the story later.

M2-I’ll leave a care pkg for you at the front desk under your name. Make sure you ask for it, because I have no idea if it’ll actually be there when you check in. Pass along what you can’t use.

Boo-HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can’t wait till I get home and give you BIG birthday hugs and kisses!


  1. OMG i cant belive your finallyy comming Home i cant wait to see you again it seems like its been forever will live come to school then maybe on friday!!??

  2. CHAO, Travel'n Family
    This might be a welcome home if you don't see it before you leave. My shutter finger is already itching for the new photo subjects. We might have to leave Bellingham early to meet Jude and Tess. As my Irish friend says "I'm say'n a wee prayer", that your trip back has no suprises and lots of sleeping babies.
    John and Sugar

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  4. Welcome home, I am sure it feels good to be home with all of your family at last.. (sorry my last one had way too many spelling errors, had to fix it!)

  5. Excellent news! What a journey...what a wonderful far and to come! I love the names and can't wait to meet them both...someday soon. Much love to you all...see you soon.

  6. SO happy that you had a quick and easy trip after such a long wait!!

  7. Excited to meet the new additions...I will plan a trip over to your side of town once you guys are settled in!



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