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Monday, September 1, 2008

Our first day together...

6:45ish am, Tuesday, 02 September, 2008
Vietnamese Independance Day

You all are gonna kill me, but no pictures, sorry! I know that's the reason you really come, but there is a camera snafoo, so we'll fix it shortly, but for now all you hae is my sad writing skills.

We have the babies. I'll give you more details of the going to the orphanage later as there is so so much to say.

Baby Sunburn came to Papa like she's always been his and instantly took a liking to his glasses and whiskers. But it was not the case with the Little Man. He was clearly loved and loved his caretakers, which did this mama's heart good. Seperating him from both his main nanny and a man that was one of the orphanage's directors was difficult. He screamed and eventually the director told me to just go walk around the grounds with the baby out of eyeshot of those he clearly loved so so much. Snot and tears flowing, (from both us us) and in about ten minutes he settled down to a gasping scared little guy while I calmly wispered sweet nothings in his ear. All was ok till he saw his favorite man again, then the screaming started again. We got a quick tour of the place, and eventually, they shoved us all back in the van and quickly handed the little man back over to me last second, and we sped off. It broke my heart to do this to this baby who know nothing about what is going on. It was ery clear that they were loved. The Vietnamese man/director that held little man the majority of the time, was clearly upset by his leaving.

They fell asleep in the van only to be woken up on the way home for their passport pictures. Papa also made a pit stop to pick up some more formula, and thx to Melissa who was here just before us, Kim and Ellie knew just where to find the right brand.

Back in the hotel room, the little man is starting to warm up, but he still won't take a bottle. He is quiet and serious. He is eating cereal well. Sunburn on the other hand is upset and very tired from the happenings. She cried for about an hour before Papa got her to sleep.

Then the amazing thing happened!!! 6:00 am and all but me are still sleeping! I had a "terms of endearment" moment when I had to see if the little man was still alive and practically woke him up. He did wake for about an hour last night but we got him back to sleep after feeding him more cereal.

So I'd better not stay away from the room too long this morning.

Adoption buddies-my favorite things- My Ergo baby carrier just for around the hotel room, rattles that make noise and light up, a footed cheap sleeper just for after we used the scabbies medicine, baby meds like, cough/cold, tylenol, ibuprophen
Things I wish I brought-a comfy outfit I could both sleep in and walk around the hotel in, medium weight baby blanket 'cause even though it is a million degrees out there it is still needed here in the hotel.

pictures coming, I promise!


  1. Ohhhhh Nanc - I'm so VERY happy you are FINALLY with your babies. I tear up every time I think about it! And, it is so wonderful to know how VERY loved they both were by the staff!!!

    I'll check back tomorrow in hopes of some photos of the little sweeties.

    Much Love,

    Auntie Monkey

  2. I am SO happy for you! I cannot wait to see pictures. I hope your little boy begins to eat better for you today. How sad that he is having a tough time adjusting, but SO great that he was so attached to his caregivers. Anxious to hear (and see) more soon!

  3. Congratulations! They are both beautiful! Sasha hardly drank any formula (and wouldn't eat anything) for about two days after we got her. Then she took six bottles in an eight hours and was fine from then on. I guess it was her form of shutting down. We are so happy for all of you!
    Stacey and Sasha

  4. What kind of cold meds dod you take? All the things that I gave my older kids are no longer sold.


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