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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Home again, home again...

Jiggidy Jig!

We have made it back home.
The babies did so so well. Tess slept 10 of the 12 hour flight in the bassinet. Jujube slept much of the time too, but only in our arms. Better than not sleeping at all. bulk head seating and we each had an empty seat next to us. This was very very good.
Both were asleep by 1:15am the evening we arrived home. So we were so happy with 5 hours of sleep under our belts till we got up at 6:00am to send off the other kiddos off to school.
So so so glad to be home.

Your well wishes mean so so so much and always bring me to tears. Thank you so so very much. I am humbled.

More later, when we've recovered from the jet lag.


  1. It was exciting to move your blog from "Travel" to "Home" folder. The "Waiting to Travel" folder, by the way, is getting pretty thin. Things really seem to be moving lately. Hopefully we'll have our turn within a couple of months!
    Welcome home. Your family is complete once again.

  2. They are so beautiful!! I know you guys must be so so tired. Thank you for sharing your journey. I just got goosebump after goosebump reading it all:)I cant wait to meet them! It looks like Tess may need a haircut soon.....Haha. I feel so blessed to know such an awesome family as yours and those kids will have the most blessed life with you.

  3. Glad you guys are home safe and sound!


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