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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Han Oi

06 Saturday, 2008, 8:00am ish

It took us a little while to get settled in the new hotel so sorry for no post yesterday.

The plane ride, about 2 hours from Saigon to Han Oi, was pretty uneventful. Babies were happy mostly of the time with cheerios and 1-on-1 face time.

The traffic here doesn’t seem nearly as crazy bad as in Sai Gon. But still plenty busy and crazy.

In tribute to Sen. McCain (and by the way, Tim was able to watch live both Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin’s speeches from the Rep convention) we will visit the Hanoi Hilton this morning. If you look out our hotel window, and look directly down, it is literally the very first building. The hotel is directly adjacent to it, and we look into the courtyard. Not sure I really want to get so close to such atrocities, but I really feel we should for some reason. So Sen. McCain, whose office tried to help us VERY late in the ball game to get the babies’ visas, this one’s for you.
The pictures---Here is a picture just for Patch and Julia---Livy and the longin fruit (aka eyeball fruit) Tastes like honey dew! And a view out the window of our hotel, the Somerset, of the Han Oi skyline among others. We may be able to fly home as early as Wed or Thursday, so we’re going to try to get in some “power exploring” today and tomorrow.

Both babies still sleep from 8-9 at night till 7-8am. We are so so lucky! Every once in a while, one of them may wake up just to see if we’re “still there.” The may fuss and whimper, but a little back rubbing in the middle of the night to let them know we’re still here and they doze back off. We are so lucky that they sleep. Probably another remnant of an institutionalized baby who knows how to get themselves to sleep.

On that note… both babies have also toppled or bumped themselves quite hard on a couple occasions. Not a single whimper or grimace when they get hurt.

Little Man will play ball/catch with you all day long! You toss something to him and he “throws” it back. For as long as you are willing to play! We went to dinner last night and one of the waitresses took him (common restaurant service here) to carry him around while we ate. He was ok as long as we were in eye sight, but after a couple of minutes he decided only his papa would do and got fussy and reached for Papa! That did our hearts well. And Sunburn’s personality is still developing. She is so so sweet and gentle. She loves to “feel” things and anything with texture is a hit, wallpaper, fabric, buttons, zippers… She is having a harder time transitioning that he is, but with time and lots of TLC all will be just fine.

For the adoption buddies-The Somerset is wonderful. The rooms are quite small, but to have the extra separate bedrooms is so awesome. The carpet is a little yucky, and the room a still a bit mildewy/stale/smoky but nothing we couldn’t live with. Having the kitchenette is dreamy. The “Citimart” downstairs is more like a glorified circle K rather than a shopping mall, but still has everything you may need, including goldfish for about $2.50 which I quickly snatched up for Little Man. The washer/dryer is also very small and slow but we keep a load in it always going, and we’re able to keep up with laundry easily. The breakfast at the 4th floor restaurant is good ol' American comfort food. Something I wish I had but didn't bring: a large very light weight blanket to put on the carpet here. The carpet here is just a little too grimy for my comfort. I think I'll pull a sheet off the extra bed.
Aunt Sugar-I don't have any of my photo editing software so it's all shoot to print. Not my forte. And getting used to a new camera to boot. Long story re the camera. But yes, I'm trying to document as much as possible with a baby attached to my hip. Not easy, but a pure joy.


  1. When I toured the Somerset I was shown a room that seemed a little dirty and mildewy, but the one we were in and several others were very clean (including the carpet). I would ask for another room if you don't mind the hassle of moving. I put a quilt from Vietnam Quilts down on the floor though when we sat down on it. Do not forget to check out that store! It's just a few minutes taxi ride away.
    Stacey and Sasha

  2. ILY ILY sory i wasnt heree when you calld i was at my sisters talent show
    call you tmw ILY ILY

  3. are you fooling me by being online but not answering me because you could be asleep

    nice joke!!


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