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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To those of you new to the blog!

Many of this blog's readers, didn't know that up until now we've largely kept our adoption plans private from most of our family and friends. Many of them didn't have a clue what was happening till just recently.

To my new readers, our dear family and friends-When things were at their very lowest, the looks on your faces were more than my heart could bare. And when we resumed our journey last fall, it just never seemed like the right time to tell. Then again when things started to look so so very bad again, I just couldn't stand to burden most of you with our problems and fears. We just never knew if this adoption was going to work out or not or what plans God had in store for us. So we buried ourselves in prayer and purposefully decided not to tell hardly anyone until things looked more optimistic.

We're so sorry we kept this from most of you but hope you will understand. We love you all so so much, and we know that we have the most wonderful friends and family that love us and would have been there to support us at any moment had we just asked. I hope you can understand why we weren't so eager to the share the news with everyone else.

Today, we find ourselves in a different frame of mind, and it finally looks like this adoption will happen after all! So now we welcome many of you, those that closest to our hearts, to our crazy adventure.

You may want to go back to early March '08, and get some of the details. I'm sure some of you may be shocked to see 2 sets of hands and feet, and 20 fingers and toes, or be curious about the title, Sunburn and the Little Man. You may also want to bookmark this page if you want to comeback and see what's happening in the next few weeks.

Yep, we know that 4+2=6. Yep, we know we're crazy! But please know that as crazy as this adventure is, it is about so much more than just us. We truly believe that we have been inspired through God's grace and wisdom, and He has put this path before us to follow. And it looks like it's leading us directly to Saigon! Stay tuned for more adventures of this crazy journey...

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  1. I am so thrilled for you! Can't wait to meet these darlings!


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