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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well as you could probably guess, my head is spinning! All swirly and another moment in my life that I thank heavens for my fine "list making" skills which I am heavily relying upon. There have been suit cases and legal documents strewn everywhere. The plane tix just arrived via FedEx this afternoon. I purchased diapers and cheerios and the cutest little t-shirts for the babies. For the flight I brought a few "magic sleepy pills" and the series/season #1 The Tudors (Thx Deb for the suggestion!) and hope these will get me through the 27 hour trip.

Here are all the suitcases. Livy still has to add hers. I'd like to think I travel light, so know that 2 of the larger cases are donations for the orphanage. And the 2 smallest bags are things that we ABSOLUTELY couldn't live without if our luggage was lost, so they are carry-ons. The pink binder carries the Holy Grail of adoption documents and is the MOST important thing in the pile.

I'm trying to answer the questions that I've been asked recently-
  • When are we going? Our flight leaves Saturday evening. Gulp! Yep, ONLY 2 days from now!
  • Who's going with us? Livy will be traveling with us. It was a natural choice as her spirit has always been very adventurous and her soul has huge place for compassion and she's also a work horse, which we will need with both babies. The other children are staying home.
  • Whose watching the kiddos while you're away? Grammy, my mom, is coming down to stay with the boys. And Sunny will be staying with Granna & Grandpa, Tim's parents. Thank you guys so so much for watching over and parenting our sweeties while we are away. They are our treasures and we know they are in the best hands. Thank you thank you thank you!
  • How old are the babies now? Just 1 year old. Sunburn's 1st birthday is Sunday, and we will miss it by 3 days! Shucks! And Little Man's 1st birthday was in early Aug. But we'll have to have a big celebration when we are there for them.
  • What are their names? They do have Vietnamese names given to them by hospital staff. Sorry, but I'm not allowed to post this until legally these kiddos are ours, 6 days! We will be giving them names and incorporating part of their Vietnamese names into their name as well.
  • Where are the babies now? They live in an orphanage in Saigon and have been there since they were approx 7 weeks old. Their cribs have been next to each other since they were matched with us, so we hope they know one another at least. Go back to June 18th post and there some great pictures and history about the place.
  • Where are you going in VietNam? Saigon and Hanoi - 13 hour time difference (ahead of AZ time)
  • How long are you staying in VietNam? Right now we are planning on two weeks. But the timing is VERY flexible as gov'ts tend to have their own agendas.
  • What's the weather going to be like in Vietnam? HOT HOT HOT STICKY HORRIBLE, about 95 degrees and 95 % humidity all day every day! This native Arizonan, who is good up to 110 degrees, does NOT do humidity past 15% well. I'm just planning on melting.
  • Do you need and help? Anything? Wow, this is the most amazing part. We don't really need anything. We've been amazed and frankly shocked by the out pouring of support we've gotten just in the last 24 hours. Tim even JUST called me to say his good friend Jimmy called him several times yesterday just to say "if you need anything, I'm here." This support means the world to us. We feel so so very loved and can't wait to share our family with these babies. We can never say how thankful and lucky we are to have such a support system behind us. From Grammy and Granna for will look after our most precious treasures, to the Aunties S and K who have let me cry, and the children's teachers, the whole Trace family who we know are there for anything at all, Susan who fit me in for an appointment last minute tomorrow, Sugar whose has a special place in her heart for these kiddos and is helping out with the flight home, and Monkey #2 who never get tired of my griping, and so so many more I'm leaving out. Thank you thank you thank you for being our support system. We have the BEST family and friends ever!
Back to packing and list following. I think our poor dog, Spirit, is just tired watching me spin around these last two days!


  1. omg i love you and am hopping you have a good trip i survived practice liv without doing anything ill call you all the time ILY

  2. how long is your flight? when will you get there


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