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Friday, August 29, 2008

Airport bound in 23 hours!

Just as I get one list finished, another, with a whole new list of things to do, appears. Sigh... I'm exhausted and surprisingly think I'll sleep well tonight. Tim is wrapping up some loose ends at work. He has NEVER taken this much time off work. Hopefully, he'll be able to get up early in VN and get some work done with clients (AZ afternoon the day prior)

Adoption buddies- We had the infamous "travel call" with Jenny yesterday. Again, this is one of those areas where I thought I had it all covered, but then got a new list of things to do. We'll try to get photos of and review the hotels we stay at for you all that will be traveling after us. I will advise to get as much done as early as possible cause things keep popping up and my head is SO full that it's difficult to prioritize. Have the hotel choices figured out and packing lists finalized and travel agent arranged (Yes, Todd is a miracle worker and there's no need to call him more then a few days ahead, only when you KNOW absolutely when you are leaving. He WILL get you a great deal even on that short notice. But know which air line you want to take ahead of time.)

Just a little run down of our schedule in the next couple days-
  • Phx to LAX departing tomorrow/Saturday evening 8/30/08
  • LAX to Taipei, Taiwan departs at 1:50AM Sun. morn, 8/31/08 and arrives 6:10am Mon. morn 9/1/08 (13:20 flying time)
  • Taipei to Saigon, departs 7:20am (3:20 fling time) arriving at 9:45 am 9/1/08
All in all about 25 hours traveling with lay overs, and hopefully we make all our connections.
Still no names for these beautiful children we are about to meet. My head just can't seem to think about that right now. I thought I had his name all figured out, but now I'm switching again to an old favorite. And her name is still up in the air and down to about 5 of our favorites. Everyone in the family seems to have their favorite choices, but none seem to agree. I'm hoping that when we meet them, the right name will just "appear" and match their personalities. I guess that's one of the fun parts of naming an adopted child, we get to see what they look like and their personalities before settling on a name. Still no guarantee we'll get it right.

I'd like to say that I'm excited and overjoyed, but honestly there are so many thoughts in my head that it's just a garbled-up, jumbled mess in there! Maybe it will hit me when we are on the plane. For now, I'll have to settle for anxiety and exhaustion.

Robin and Chantal-Your things arrived safe and sound (in the picture) and are packed too!
Susan- Thx for squeezing me in this morning!
Julia- Keep talking to Olivia. She's gonna get bored eventually!
Grammy and Granna-Please take good care of the most important things for us. We know you will.
Auntie S- You seem to say everything in just the right way and always choke me up. Thank you!
Missy- You out there? More cousins! Whoo Hoo! Can't tell if Sugar is "hooked up" to the blog.
Monkey #2- We love Spirit too but she's quite the little devil
Papa- If we need ANYTHING, we know you'll come instantly. Thank you thank you thank you.
Freshman- I MISS YOU ALREADY. Please write us!


  1. It's 4:35 a.m. ET here and I can't sleep with thoughts of VN in my head and we're months away, so I can't even imagine what you're going through. Again, I'm so happy for you. And happy for me that before we're at the place where we're ready to travel, I can count on you for the best advice of what needs to be done! Can I please just copy your "to do" lists? Safe travels Nancy. Looking forward to "hearing" from you in Saigon.

  2. call me on Skype as soon as you get there when you have a chance! love Julia ILY ILY

  3. Thank you SO much for taking goodies to our little guy!
    Enjoy your trip!

  4. Thanks for letting me into your blog! I am truly inspired by your devotion to this adoption, and can't wait to meet the new cousins. Our thoughts and our love are with you. I'm anxiously looking forward to the post of you guys and the babies together at last...
    love, Missy and Eric


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