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Sunday, August 31, 2008

In LAX waiting to board the plane

1:05am-getting a little sleepy waiting to board the flight to Taipei. Timmy is looking pretty tuckered out too. Livy is still pretty energetic however.

It's Sunburn's birthday today. Happy birthday sweetheart!

The international terminal of LAX is a good transition to the culture shock. At midnight it is a hoppin' place full of life and TONS of folks going to each corner of the globe. A wonderful place to people watch!


  1. Hey World Travelers
    As the O'Reillys always said, "This will show you what you're really made of." I already know it's some pretty strong stuff. Just keep your eye on the prize and take it one humid day at a time. This is my very first blog comment and my second day of blogging. I feel honored to have saved that first for your historic epic journey. Think about what a great story this will make for Sunburn and Little Man when they get older. And so it goes....
    Thanks for the last minute phone call. It meant so very much. And Missy thanks you for the invite. She feels more like part of the family.
    So "Travel Up". Hope you get there safe and sound. We're with you through the bleary eyes and dead butts from too much airplane.
    Love John and Sugar

  2. Anxious to see full pictures of them!! What airlines are you taking? I wouldn't know which to tell Todd.


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