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Friday, August 22, 2008

day #86 & Good News Finally

Not THE good news of approval, but some good news...

STOP reading here if you're prone to dozing off while technical terms are used, and my apology in advance for the heavy use of adoption lingo.

After having our file for nearly 3 months, the USCIS is just now requiring an addendum to our home study. This addendum will also be reflected on our I-171H. There is a summary built into the I-171H that has the bare bones of the home study. So when we turn in the addendum, we also wait for the info to go through the system and show up on your I-171H in HCMC. So this leaves the obvious question... how long is all this gonna take!!! Weeks? Months? (Thus the doom and gloom of my last post thinking this would take 3 months like it when we originally got our I-171H)

Well, God shined His blessings down upon me yesterday, and it was ALL complete within hours. Not only was this new addendum completed, notarized, and turned in, but it was also scanned and forwarded by Phx USCIS, and received by the proper folks in HCMC within 36 hours of when they first told us we needed it! What we thought would be a 3 month process was only 1 1/2 days!

And more good news... ALL the blocked cases before us, approx 33 of them, were approved last week, except 2 that seem to have some issues specifically related to their case. These families are traveling right now, are scooping up their babies, and this is very good and very long overdue. So we now know that approval from TuDu is possible, but not a given. This gives us hope that there is a way for them to approve our case too. When?? Hmmmm...

Slept better last light than I have in a long time! Optimism prevails once again! And so I'm unveiling these incredibly cute bathing suits!! Oh my, I hope they still fit the babies when we get there.


  1. Prayers are being answered!!! Yay!!!! Good news, keep on coming for you and all these families PLEASE!!!!!!

  2. Hey Nancy, back on May 31st you alluded to a "fabulous prize" or the winner of the Guess-The-Blocked-Letter- Day Game. I assume I may be collecting shortly!

    Competitive in Connecticut,
    ~Michelle (again)

  3. Michelle-I will GLADLY forward you a fabulous prize! I've got something special picked out just for you! But let's wait for the gov't to make sure they're done with us and grant us that approval. I hope it's soon!


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