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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day #57 and Full Circle Flowers

I still remember when I was little and would pick my mom wild flowers. And I remember Papa, always the teacher, explaining I couldn't pick the thistles because of the thorns and being so sad because thistle flowers were so big and pretty. I remember my mom would put them in water and display them proudly somewhere in our home.

But the thing I remember the most, is the next morning, because they were wild flowers, the flowers would have shriveled and died. It always made me sad that they were SO beautiful and only lasted such a very short time. And because of this, I never quite understood why my mom would go though the work of trimming off the roots, and displaying the flowers when they lasted such a short time and were always dead the next morning.

Turn the clock forward 35 years and Boo, my five year old, has been bringing me this precious gift this summer. Amazingly, many of the flowers are the exact varieties that I remember picking as a child. I know the names probably aren't accurate, but Indian paint brush and little wild daisy's are in the gifts he proudly brings me. And even though I still see the beauty of the flowers with the same enthusiasm, I now see this gift through mother-eyes. More precious than it was when I was a child. It's my turn now, to ooo and ahhh when I see Boo coming with his dirty fist wrapped around his treasure, little roots and dirt clinging to the bottom. Bugs still on the leaves and little yellow flowers so small and delicate. Now it makes me cry when I see him coming through the woods so proud and happy to give me his gift.

Grammy, (Who has taken a step into the 21st century and is new to the blog)
Thank you so much for always treasuring my gifts of wild flowers and giving them water and putting them in the middle of the table for all to see, even though it only lasted a day. I think I get it now. Another circle come all the way around.

The phone conference with my Senator's aide last Friday, was pretty fruitless. Again, he's very nice, but clueless. He sent another inquiry re our case to the US Consulate in HCMC. We'll talk again next week, and see if he's heard anything. He's going to go back to college in mid-August and will transfer my case to someone else in the office.

This week and last came with no developments... nothing... nada... zilch. It seems that the in-country/VN staff of our agency is starting to use a different technique. Here's hoping something... ANYTHING happens soon.

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  1. What a moving post Nancy. Soon you will be able to share lessons about the joys of giving and receiving, and of the beauty of nature and in this world to Sunburn and Little Man.


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