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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day #50

Attorneys, senators, a child trafficking conspiracy, the Catholic Church, illegal activity, the Deputy of the USCIS, a third world country half way across the world, the VP of the United States, covert operations and surprise attacks... and a soccer mom in AZ? Hmmm? That seems odd!

Our agency reports 60 days is the average wait time for its families to wait for I-600 approval. The USCIS officially says 45 days is the average wait time. Today we hit day #50. It feels like these 50 days have lasted forever. And I have no right to complain when there are TuDu families that have waited longer than 100 days and longer than 200 days and the longest I know of at 218 days waiting for their I-600 approval from the US gov't.

Last week came and went with NO TuDu approvals at all, and a dark cloud of depression hung over the remaining TuDu families waiting for approval including me. Last week also came with lots of rumors too, but without the approvals it all really means nothing. This week has again produced no approvals and the work week in VN is over this evening. The overall consensus is that all the remaining families are back to where they started. Blocked.

This week also brought several TuDu families (not from our agency) to be forever united with their children, the ones who were lucky to get approval a couple weeks ago. It is wonderful to see the photos of their babies wrapped safely in their arms, so long over due. I am so so happy that mamas and papas and their babies are getting to know one another, how they sleep, what they eat, what makes them smile, how to comfort them when they are sad or scared... It's also so hard for me to watch knowing that one simple email is the ONLY thing standing in our way to do the same with our children. Why would the US gov't not want these children to have forever families and let them continue to grow up in orphanages? Why wouldn't the US gov't get this baby home that needs treatment and may even need surgery? I just don't understand.

We're considering retaining an attorney that specializes in adoption immigration law. (Yep, it is amazing that this specialty even exists!) Several families from our agency have already hired her. She is absolutely wonderful and won't charge us for consultations until her "real work," as she refers to it, begins. At this point, with all the expenses already, we'll use the money we've saved for travel expenses. Hopefully the Lord will provide when/if we ever travel.

On top of it all, our caseworker reported that there is some "sickness" going around in our orphanage so the agency hasn't been able to get in to see the babies or take photos because the orphanage staff doesn't want extra germs coming in. Of course that makes me worry, knowing Sunburn or The Little Man could be sick. I wish I was there. Our case worker says it's nothing serious, or we would have heard more.

Tomorrow, I have a phone-conference with Senator Kyl's office, my third so far. In June, the aide I'm working with, forwarded an email inquiry to USCIS in HCMC along with our own letter to and insisted on giving 30 days for them to respond. I tried to explain that there are folks that have waited over 7 months for some info about their case, but he still insisted we wait. Now that the 30 days is up, I'm anxious to hear his next step. He is very nice and seems genuinely concerned, but I'm so praying that he will be more proactive.

Sweet baby Sunburn and wonderful Little Man,
I'm trying so so so hard to get there! There isn't anything I wouldn't do to hold you in my arms and call you my own forever. Please know how very much we love you and long for all of us to be together forever. I so so hope you don't have the mysterious illness. You deserve a mama and a papa and a family and a zillion kisses and hugs and the security of mother-love. My word that I won't stop trying to come get you! I pray that your tummies are full and your are loving someone... anyone.
-Your mama half way across the world

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