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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day #40 & God's Blessings

Oh yuk... I just read over my last couple posts. Enough wining and complaining already! Oh my, that's all so depressing. Isn't it going to be great when you all can say, "Told you so! All that worrying for nothing!" It's been a long 19 months. There are some days on the calendar when I assumed we'd be all done and back home. The 4th of July was one of them as it is my very favorite holiday easily surpassing Christmas.
So here is our wonderful 4th of July. It was a GREAT weekend!

Mother like daughter???

The 3 amigos (cousins) play golf!

My oldest is growing up before my eyes. Can I REALLY be the mother of a high schooler?

These blue eyes are his father's and both melt my heart!

A present from Boo... the best thing all weekend!


  1. Oh my and your family are so beautiful!

    I also thought for sure that we'd be home by July 4th. We've been in this process for 20 months now, it's so hard to believe. Here's to hoping this is the last month of waiting!

  2. Blessings they truely are! You are also blessed with a wonderful eye.
    praying for the Lord's best!


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