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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day #18 & Summertime...

Our summer is in full swing... full of a lot of what's really important, catching butterflies, planing flowers, filling the bird feeders, bedtime stories, riding bicycles, picnics, playing in the creek, fishing, lots of walks with the dog, endless games of cards, pancake breakfasts, climbing trees, chasing lizards, reading good books... I give the kiddos a hearty breakfast in the morn and have trouble "catching" them at lunch, so they usually come in each evening covered in dirt, dead tired, and very hungry. We fill their tummies, soak them in the tub to try to erase the ground in filth, and we read until our eyes can't stay open any longer. These are good days. Maybe eventually there will be 2 more little ones toddling around to fill the days and our hearts even further.

Adoption updates - A lot of nothing... (but our fingers are crossed and our prayers are full)

The VN Director of Adoptions (the big Kahuna) wrote a letter to the US gov't basically saying Come on guys! We've done everything we can do, so come investigate already for the sake of the babies! The tone of the letter is straight forward and definitely calls the bluff of the US, who certainly looks foolish saying they "can't" investigate. The US claimed the letter was a forgery. (Yes, it STILL sounds sounds like a bad soap opera!)

Several different blocked province have recently been cleared, families have gotten i600 approvals, and have gotten their babies! YEA! This is long overdue and hopefully this has laid the ground work for officials to solve the mess in TuDu.
There are so many rumors about TuDu that it's hard to keep them straight. Mind you I have NO way of telling if any of them are true. There's a rumor that there are "going to be" a few approved cases. There is a rumor that the USCIS says progress is being made and can't see this dragging on past summertime. There is a rumor that the VN Director of Adoptions is giving the US a time limit to finish the cases and may pull the children to place them with families from other countries. There's a rumor that the VN gov't it trying to get the cases adjudicated by a different US agency and has forwarded info from MANY cases to Washington DC or Hanoi or HCMC depending on the version of the rumor. And rumors of secret meetings too.

The last 2 block letters were on day 18 an 29, and both were strangely on Tuesdays.
Day 12 - Papa
Day 17 - Melissa C.
We're now on day #18. Sorry Daddy and Melissa. No prize for you!
Day 19 - TB
Day 22 - Livy
Day 25 - Auntie S
Day 28 - Boo
Day 30 - Sunny
Day 45 - Auntie K
Day 55 - Patch
Day 66 - Me
Never - Michelle

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