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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day #7 & An Email Surprise...

We received an email from the USCIS! My heart just about jumped out of my throat when I first saw it there waiting to be read. I assumed it was the "block letter," but no, the US govt wanted to add more suspense, and it turns out it was only a request for some additional documentation. It appears that they never did receive an addendum to our home study that was forwarded via the INS last summer. Additionally the asked for a lab report that was sent in, to be translated from VN to English. (the report is almost ALL numbers except for the names of the test run, which don't change no matter the language! I was able to understand it very clearly. Again this makes NO sense!) But our agency did translate what they could, (probably only the name of the month and other inconsequential details) and we forwarded the requested docs all in less than 24 hours.

I tell you, to see our name in print, on USCIS letter head, with their signature, literally made my stomach turn. And please don't get me wrong, we really do want them to investigate and make sure our little ones are truly orphans in need of a home. But what I have personally witnessed them do and heard directly from others affected, is not only unethical and illegal, but truly against the best interest of the orphans involved.

And for those of you so resistant to play my "Guess the Block Letter Day," please join us! Most of you know how much I LOVE games, and it really does make me feel better. I actually just wish we'd get it sooner rather than later so we could start to actively fight the battle. Come on my Monkey friend, throw me a banana and play!

We're now on day #7
  • Day 12 - Papa
  • Day 22 - Livy
  • Day 28 - Boo
  • Day 30 - Sunny
  • Day 45 - Auntie K
  • Day 55 - Patch
  • Day 66 - Me


  1. Okay, I'll be really crazy and guess that you will NOT get a letter! I just have a feeling....

  2. OK, I'll bite, even though I dont like this game much. I'll split the difference between 12 and 22 and call it for Day 17. But I hope Michelle wins!!


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