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Monday, June 30, 2008

Day #32 & the Roller Coaster Continues!

The monsoon storms in Arizona have started to come in. We look forward to this part of summer each year, and it is probably my VERY favorite time of year. These daily storms are intense and breathtaking to watch. They even make the adults giddy, much less the kiddos. Each afternoon the clouds build up and if we're lucky we great wonderful thunderstorms that rattle the furniture. Yesterday we even got a hail! We sit on our porch with a glass of red wine, watch the lightening strike and hear the thunder boom, as the heavens open up and the rain pours down. It is a gift to be able to witness.

Sorry to bombard your week with a ton of adoption crap. And that's exactly what it feels like today... like a TON OF CRAP! Why can't I be strong like Papa?
That was the way I started this entry a couple days ago. I've since had a couple days to cool off.

After weeks upon months of waiting and nothing happening, LOTS started happening last week. It was an amazing week to ride the adoption roller coaster! But with age and maturity, I don't enjoy roller coasters like when I was 10, and last week just left me with a nauseating feeling in my stomach.
  • Monday-a rumor that there were some "very optimistic" meetings making way for progress! YEA! My heart jumped!
  • Monday evening-there was personal email from USCIS to several folks by way of their Senators, that everything in still blocked in TuDu as usual.
  • Tuesday-the world started to spin VERY quickly! (Someone let me off! I'm gonna hurl!) The FIRST TuDu I-600 approval came for a family that had waited 143 days! (Only 83 days longer than the 60 days the US gov't said it would take!) We, the TuDu families all have banded together, were on cloud nine! We could see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Wed. morning-there were 8 more approvals for TuDu!!!! This means 9 of the 41 babies come home! Oh my, you could feel the love in the air! And even-keeled Papa started looking at airfares for us in the hope that our time was coming! Could it be true that TuDu was not blocked anymore??? NONE of the approvals were for our agency. I wonder if this means something? None of the special need's babies got approval or the toddlers or the ones that need surgery or the family that is now at 210 day waiting. Hmmm???
  • Thursday morning-the mood abruptly turned. The USCIS, (knowing that desperate adoptive parents would be scouring their emails for approvals?) sent out a NEW round of block letters to folks that already had them telling them TuDu was still blocked and to keep waiting! No, we still didn't get one!
  • Thursday night-the US govt sent out a block letter to BRAND NEW adoptive family, this time on day #44! So surprisingly and sadly our TuDu family grew.
  • Saturday- a lawyer representing many of the TuDu families said we may be getting more approvals next week! (Again I'm feeling optimistic!)
If you're having trouble following any of this, welcome to our world. It doesn't really make sense to us either. International Adoption ain't for sissies! Wonder what next week holds?
So... the ever-popular Guess-the-Block-Letter-Day Game is BACK ON!! Please feel free to keep guessing, especially if your day has already passed! 2 whole weeks between 30 and 45 is a LONG time!
The most recent block letter, received by a family last Thursday, was on their day #44!
Day 12 - Papa
Day 17 - Melissa C.
Day 19 - TB
Day 22 - Livy
Day 25 - Auntie S
Day 28 - Boo
Day 30 - Sunny
We're now on our day #32. Auntie K, you're coming up!
Day 45 - Auntie K
Day 55 - Patch
Day 66 - Me
Never - Michelle

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  1. I'll go for day 40 being next Tuesday, but I really don't think you will get one at all, however, I will play to keep you safe!


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