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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day #21 & A Surprise Phone Call

Not that I'm keeping track, but OF COURSE I'm keeping track- Today is day #21 on our wait for i600 approval. Remember back when the USCIS asked for some additional docs on day #3, and the USCIS so kindly reminded us that, "Failure to respond to our request may delay the process of your I-600 petition." Like there was some kind of rush or something! And then we got them all turned in to the office in HCMC in LESS than 24 hours?! Well, apparently there wasn't any big hurry! 3 weeks later, and I'm still repetitively pushing the refresh button on my email with no success. And granted 21 days isn't that long, because the family waiting the longest is now at 201 days! Amazing for the USCIS's 60 day process!

I will say that the majority of the time I still feel like this journey is so surreal. An WHO WOULDN'T?! After all this nightmare of a soap opera involves a Communist 3rd world country, illegal activity on the part of our governmental officials, an international child trafficking conspiracy, and an 80 year old Catholic nun! You should see the glazed over looks on people's faces when they naively ask for the details of the situation, and I try to explain! I would never believe any of it myself if we weren't smack in the middle of it all! I'm just a soccer mom in AZ!

But every once in a while, something happens that reminds me that this whole thing is VERY real. The long time readers will remember the whole Dick Cheney saga! Again, I wrote to our U.S. Senators in early June, and not being able to find a local email address, forwarded the letter to their DC offices. I really thought I'd never hear anything from either of them. But only 7 days later, my phone rang and it was an aid from Senator Kyl's office! My hands started shaking and all I could think was, Boy, I'd better articulate this correctly because I may only have one shot at this! I was shocked! We talked (with his aide) for about 30 minutes, and I explained that we did NOT have the block letter yet, and why we were still very concerned. He knew all the details of the state of affairs in VN already, but didn't seem to know the specifics re Tu Du. It seemed he was taking a special interest in our case because one the special need's situation. I rewrote our letter with his suggestions, and it was linked with a letter he wrote, and he forwarded both the U.S. Consulate in VN. He genuinely seemed concerned and nice and in all of this started to restore a little of my faith in my government.

Again, now we find ourselves in the VERY familiar part of Let's Wait and See What Happens! And we ALL know where that has gotten us so far!

Nevertheless, we wait and see what happens. What alternatives do we have? Hang in there Sunburn and Little Man! I'm trying! Really I am!

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  1. Your kids are so blessed to have a mom who is fighting so hard for them, and I'm sure will continue to do so throughout their lives. Hang in there Nanc!


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