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Monday, June 9, 2008

Day #11 & A birthday present for me!

My birthday is today, and I got a little present from my agency. No it is not our i600 approval, but rather some new pictures and video of Sunburn and the Little Man. They are both about 10 months old now.

Sorry again for the snip-its that tease you so much. But here are at least a little parts of them.

Here is the Little Man sitting up proudly on his knees. He is crawling all over the place in the video and goes from crawling to sitting on his knees again and again. Here he is holding up the same teether again. I wonder how many teeth he will have by the time we get to hold him. He seems strong and definitely the "gather-er of the toys." In all the pics he has all the toys gathered around him, and she if left with none. I imagine he is already practicing for a house full of siblings.
And again, in the pics Sunburn is reaching out to touch the Little Man, this time to grab on to his leg and shoe. And here is a picture of her blowing raspberries I think. In the video clips she is "screeching" for lack of a better word and playing with her sounds. Honestly, it's the kind of sound you might just find annoying if you had already held your baby in your arms or were next to her on a plane or in a restaurant. But music to my ears. Too cute, and I so wish I could be with her as she plays with sounds and starts babbling. No doubt she is working on her Vietnamese. She has picked up the habit of sucking on her two middle fingers kinda like sucking her thumb but with two middle fingers instead. (I think we have a Uncle T that did that a lot! Right Auntie S????) You can see that she does this a lot as her fingers and thumb are both red from sucking and being gummed. It is too too too cute!

Honesty, I think the agency staff in Saigon must be a little bored and not have much to do with the cases in HCMC being blocked. So they must have lots of time to visit the orphanage and snap photos for us. I don't know anyone who is getting the quantity of photos we get. I am a very lucky mama. I'll take my presents where ever I can get them these days.

Wow! I'd didn't think I'd get such resistance to my little game! I assure you party poopers that it helps guard my heart. That's a good thing.
We're now on day #11
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Never - Michelle (I'm not sure that's playing correctly, Michelle! But I hope you're right!)


  1. Happy, happy birthday Nancy. May the year ahead bring you more joy than you thought imaginable!

  2. OK--for you, I will bite if it truly helps. Day 19. I am sending good vibes your way. I hope Michelle is right!



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