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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We're at a big step in our adoption. We are turning in the application for visas (I-600) for both Sunburn and The Little Man. This step in the process is completely controlled by the US government, and is by far the scariest part of the process. It is the part of the process that could fail the entire adoption.

So while it felt so so good to actually "do" something other than wait, like fill out forms, sign papers, and get things copied in triplicate, it is actually the most unpredictable part of the process and so very frightening.

The best predictor of the future is what has happened in the past, so here's the run down of families in our exact situation that are before me. These families (about 20 of them with 25 children in the balance that I know of from 3 different adoption agencies) have submitted their I-600 and pretty quickly there after (sometimes only hours later) received a "block" letter from the USCIS (who is in charge of conducting the investigations necessary for approval of the I-600) stating that that the TuDu hospital and/or orphanage officials will not cooperate with their investigation. The letter goes on to state that the process will be significantly delayed and adding insult to injury, suggests potential adoptive parents consider getting a new child and/or changing countries. To date NONE of these families have seen progress on their case. Many have gone against US recommendations, traveled to VietNam, adopted their children anyway, and have no way to bring their baby home.

I'll keep you updated, but this is the most difficult part and we could use all the prayers you can offer up.

I'll leave you with the most recent picture of Sunburn in her very pretty dress getting ready to crawl.

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