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Friday, May 23, 2008

This is just a little heads up for my family and friends about where things stand-

Things are not looking very good right now for our adoption. There are several areas in VietNam that are "problem areas." TuDu is the hospital that our babies were born in and one of the "blocked" areas. Thankfully for many families that have waited far far too long, several of the blocked areas are starting to resolve their issues and things seem to be moving forward for many families. But sadly for Sunburn and the Little Man and us, the standoff between the officials at the TuDu hospital and USCIS investigators in HCMC seems to be at a standstill. A correspondence between a congressional aid that has been working on the problem, recently stated that, "there was nothing they can do and holds out little hope in reaching a resolution." Our agency is optimistic the the Vietnamese will work things out eventually. But seeing as how the US gov't holds all the cards, I'm doubtful that the Vietnamese's willingness to do anything will change the stance of the USCIS.
I'm not saying that we are giving up yet, but things don't look good right now.
We're heading up to the mountains for Memorial Day weekend. Surprisingly, it is snowing up there! I'm hoping to take my mind off this for a few days.

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