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Monday, May 12, 2008

New pics!

I have to honestly say that when I received the pictures this morning it was so so much more emotional than I had imagined! I bawled my eyes out for a while. It means so so much to this mama that is half a world away.
And as always, the pictures reveal a little bit more about their personalities. We notice that in all these pictures and the ones last time too, Sunburn is always touching the Little Man in some way. Reaching out to grasp his finger, or touching his arm or face. I wonder what this means about her personality. Will she love having her back rubbed like our youngest son? Will she reach and touch me when I come to take her home? Time will hopefully tell.

In one of the photos, we finally get to see Sunburn smile. And it's one of those smiles that scrunches her whole face up! It's so beautiful I can't stand it!

The Little Man is sitting up all on his own! He's so strong and sturdy, and I'm so proud it's really quite silly.

And take a look at this beautiful tongue- Yes, I'm proud of her tongue! Yes, I'm actually showing it off!

OK, I better go now. I've got to keep staring at the pictures for a while.

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