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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Need Help PLEASE-for my own sanity

Could you PLEASE help me retain the last little bit of sanity I have left?

You see, we COMPLETELY, expect to receive the now infamous "block letter." You remember, that's the one from the USCIS that says something kinda like, "We're sorry but we can't investigate your case, and we think you should think about starting the entire process over in another country." So far EVERY adoptive parent of a baby that was abandoned in TuDu hospital has received one. The last one was received as recently as last week. We assumed, and were assured by our agency, that by the time we got to this point in our adoption, that this situation would be resolved. It is VERY possible that when this letter comes, I will approach the edge of the cliff and think about jumping from the edge!!!!

Therefore I was HOPING you could help me out with a little game I created to make this moment of gloom a little more bearable-

Please Play-
"Guess the Block Letter Day!"

Please pick the day you think we will be receive the awful block letter from the USCIS! (Just click on comments to say which day you are picking.) And YES there will be a fabulous prize for our winner!

Some facts to guess by-

The USCIS says most cases will be determined in 60 days.
The USCIS claims the average wait is 45 days.
The last block letters were received on day 6, 18, 28, and day 29.
The notification is always sent via email from VietNam directly .
Some block letters have been received only HOURS after the acknowledgement letter.
The longest it took someone to receive it was 77 days past the acknowledgement letter.
Our acknowledgement letter was May 29th, thus we are on day 2 currently.

Dates already guessed-
Day 12 -Papa's guess
Day 30 - Sunny's guess
Day 22- Livy's guess
Day 28 - Boo's guess
Day 66 - My guess and also the Little Man's birthday!!!

Yes, I KNOW how crazy this line of thinking is! But for some reason, I think it will help. Maybe it's a sure sign that there is no sanity left!


  1. I hate that we have to play this game at all.

    But, for your sanity, I will guess day 45.

    I've been thinking about you guys a ton.



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