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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good news-Bad news

We received good news today. The Little Man had some follow up medical testing and he looks healthy and well taken care of. He was examined by US doctors and recieved new "shoes" as he had outgrown the old ones. Additionally, our documents and adoption received final approval from the VietNam adoption office, and that pretty much completes the Vietnamese portion of the adoption. The only step left is to have a Giving and Receiving (G&R) date assigned (the actual date the Vietnamese gov't would "give" the children to us and we would "receive" them.)

But the bad news is that the progress on our paperwork is pretty pointless! Our agency is now holding on to our case and not letting it proceed to the final step until the US gov't makes a determination on the babies' visas. It just doesn't make sense to get an appointment for our G&R if we don't know if the US gov't will ever let us bring them home. So it's now official... we're stuck in limbo and at the mercy of the US gov't who is bound and determined to make a political statement and prove its might while little babies are forced to grow up in orphanages unnecessarily. (Now who put that soap box right there?!)

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