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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fortune Cookie Fate

We got fortune cookies after dinner last night and mine is the bottom one! The other one is my son's, but I think the powers that be, actually meant the message for our entire family. I certainly can't ignore the obvious signs from fortune-cookie-fate that says we are going to be getting good news ANY DAY!!! Wow, just in time too, cause I've been particularly snarky and pessimistic lately.

I wonder what this good news will be???

Well... our I600 application has been filled out and sent to our agency reps in HCMC! All the babies' documents have been released from the orphanage to our agency and are being translated to English to be included in our I600 application. And with some luck this will all be gathered together with a mountain of documentation, stuffed in an envelope, given to the courier , delivered to HCMC USCIS, and we will get our acknowledgement that they received it via email soon.

For family and friends that aren't as entrenched in the world of adoption, the I600 approval is the Holy Grail of adoption. After final approval from the Vietnamese gov't, we could travel and legally adopt both babies, but we have NO WAY to bring them home. USCIS approval of the I600 application allows for the children to get visas to enter the United States.

So I'm hoping that this good news will quickly come via email and will be the acknowledgement receipt of our I600 from USCIS.

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