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Friday, May 2, 2008

DC update

The DC trip is still postponed, maybe indefinitely. This doesn't surprise me, but I so wish it could have played out.

The person that was coordinating the trip to DC, also was the same person with a personal contact in Vice President Cheney's office which was making the appointment a possibility. They got sudden good news... they finally and unexpectedly got approval from the US gov't for their adoption! This is wonderful wonderful news for this family! They are currently in Hanoi, VN, getting their daughter. Another baby who needed a family has been united with a family that wanted a child! Hurrah! This is the way it's suppose to work out and even though this baby languished for extra months needlessly due to the continuous roadblocks from the US gov't, they are finally united! I am so so happy for them! (and a bit jealous too)

Once they return home, they'll be in no position to travel with an new baby, and without their contact to the VP's office, I doubt if the visit to the VP will be a possibility.

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