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Friday, April 25, 2008

VN adoption program closes

It's official-
The Vietnamese government announced today that it will close it's adoption program to US citizens effective September 1, 2008. Cases, like ours, that have already received referrals, will be allowed to finished. (That is if the US gov't will allow them to finish.)
Actually, this new announcement doesn't affect us too much since we already have our referrals for Sunburn and the Little Man. but there are scores of other families, with thousands of dollars and months of tears invested in this process that will have to walk away empty handed.
The US gov't followed this announcement with several announcements of it's own, all justifying it's childish and less than honest actions. Included in the US rebuttal is this statement that does affect our case-

"Vietnamese officials have prevented the U.S. Government from conducting independent field inquiries into the status of children identified in I-600 petitions. We continue robust efforts to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when we can complete the field inquiries in areas which are still closed to our staff. "

What they of course fail to mention is that the US govt is breaking Vietnamese law and their own contracts/agreements by the way they are conducting these investigations, thus the reason that the VN won't cooperate. Are the VN suppose to turn a blind eye to illegal activity? They/US officials literally walked in to a hospital unannounced and in disguise and demand to see patient records. Or go to orphanages, again unannounced and with out translators, in the middle of the night demanding to see records! You can't get away with that here in the US, and it's against the law in VN too! These bullying tactics have cost many orphans the chance at being united with loving families.

I'm not in a good mood today... sorry.

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