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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

US gov't looking for religion?

Just to give all a little update on the block problem of Tu Du Hospital/HCMC situation (PS-If this doesn't make sense, don't worry. It's VERY tough to follow unless you're in the thick of it.)

We (adoption agencies, US senators, adoptive parents) are still gathering information getting and very mixed messages. The US gov't will not comment on/discuss/issue a public statemnt/answer questions about/or give slarification to agencies or adoptive parents. According to several sources (including a State Senator, the Vietnamese director of adoptions, Dr.Long, and even 2 of the top US gov't officials in Vietnam) there is NO "blockage" of adoptions in HCMC or of the Tu Du hospital. However, the families that were were originally sent the now infamous "block letters" from the US govt are STILL no closer to adopting their babies and have heard nothing about their cases. They are unable to get any updates or have any communication with the US officials that sent the letters. And the US govt continues to issue these "block letters" to all people who are are submitting their I-600 application for babies born in Tu Du hospital. Just yesterday 3 more families received the letter saying the province is still blocked even though officials are saying it no longer is blocked. By my calculations this is now at least 12 babies. Go figure! Nothing makes sense!

So it is obvious that there are still problems. We also heard there is a Catholic nun that runs the obstetrics unit in the Tu Du hospital. When the US gov't comes to conduct their investigation, she is never there. Why such interest in a nun? I haven't a clue! You know, when when I started hearing the part about the nun, it just reminded me of a bad Lifetime TV mini-series! I have NO idea why the USCIS would be so focused on a nun, except that it seems to be the most recent thing that the USCIS is going to focus on to make this process hell. It really would be funny at this point if it weren't for 12 babies are languishing in orphanages for months.

Reportedly there is a meeting with US and Vietnamese gov't officials in HCMC this week to try and settle thier differences. Hopefully this be the start of resolving the problem, but the proof is in the puddin' and only time will tell.

We still have not filed our I-600 application. But if all goes well, we hope to week after next. Vietnamese officials have put much of the paperwork on hold so that they can concentrate their efforts on solving the problems. At least the Vietnamese gov't is trying to resolve the problem. Cant' say the same for the US gov't that just keeps adding one road block after another.

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