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Monday, April 28, 2008

More videos!

We are a lucky family today and got more new video clips of the babies!
I am AMAZED that I am surprised that they are actually growing! But time passes and babies grow.

First of all... the Little Man is CRAWLING! He is 8 months old, and this shouldn't surprise me but strangely it does. And it makes me feel so so good to know that developmentally he is on track and has fabulous "baby tricks" just like he should. He looks a little bigger and fuller and fatter, AND we spotted 2 baby teeth poking out in the bottom!

Sunburn is growing too, and the first thing I noticed is her face seems to be filling out and her cheeks are getting fatter. She is not crawling but on the verge. She gets up on her hands and knees and "squirms" to get where she wants to go. She is definitely moving around, but I wouldn't call it crawling just yet. She is wearing a very frilly and pretty pink dress and looks sweet as can be.

But it seems we do have a little sibling rivalry on our hands already! In the video clip the two of them are together on some mats with some baby rattles. The Little Man keeps stealing the toys away from Sunburn! He can obviously get from place to place more easily than she can, and he takes away the rattles from her again and again. Eventually she has to cry to get the nanny's help to get her stuff back. I just giggle when I see this part. It so reminds me of our home already and how fabulously they'll get along here. This is they type of stuff we deal with day in and day out with all the kids already!

Side by side, the Little Man is definitely bigger than she is. They both look strong and healthy. I've watched the new video again and again. All the kids gathered around and we watched it together. They are getting so excited to to see the babies some day too. Maybe tomorrow it will hit me that they are growing up in pictures, and we're not there to see it.

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