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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Care Packages!

We know someone who lives in Saigon and has agreed to take care packages to Sunburn and Little Man! It is not protocol for care packages to be delivered, so we are getting so VERY lucky to even attempt this special delivery. We hope the sweet babies can receive them!

See those cute striped t-shirts? Not only are they super adorable, but they are super soft too! And I even got them on sale at Baby Gap for $7 each! His navy shirt is 1 size bigger than hers.

We noticed on the videos of the babies, that the orphanage uses cloth diapers. A little unusual because all the orphanages in VietNam that we have heard of don't use ANY diapers at all. In the video we received of Thu Duc Orphanage, we only saw babies dressed in a shirt/top only. Then the nannies pin the bottom of the shirt to the top of the diaper so it doesn't pull up. All this diapering and fastening with 1 pin only! Pretty ingenious! So originally the two t-shirts had snaps at the crotch. I cut and hemmed the bottom of the shirts.
Also included in the care packages are photo albums with pictures of our home and head shots of each of us, teethers, baby rattles and a small musical toy for each crib. I picked out each item very carefully hope to provide some stimulation in what looked like a very stark and sterile environment. I could have filled the care packages up to the brim and then some. But we decided to fill them up with hundreds of kisses lots and lots of good wishes to come home quickly!
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