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Monday, March 17, 2008

USCIS vs HCMC Hospital

I can travel alone internationally with 5 children (which I did this spring break to this glorious beach!) but can not fathom how we ended up in the middle of this mess that is VietNam adoption.
The USCIS is the US govt agency in VietNam that conducts final investigations before an adoption is final. The USCIS is now having serious issues with the maternity hospital that our babies were born in. This HCMC hospital in turn is denying any access to the USCIS to be able to complete these investigations. We think that maybe the US govt, as it has in many other provinces and orphanages, is improperly conducting these investigative visits to the hospital by not announcing itself and without the special permission required by the VietNam govt. To do this investigation ANY other way is illegal under Vietnamese law and would explain why the hospital would deny the USCIS access. Our agency says that officials are working to mediate between the HCMC hospital and the USCIS. We are hopeful that by the time we get to the step of the process where our case needs to be investigated by the USCIS, this issue will be resolved.
I'm not sure I can even explain or wrap my head around this mess.
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