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Friday, March 7, 2008

The details...

You may be completely surprised to hear that we are adopting 2 children! Surprise! Yes, that would make us parents of 6 kiddos! We are blessed to have been entrusted to raise and parent each of these wonderful children. The longer we thought about it, the more it made sense for them.

Let me give you a few more details about these incredibly cute babies that I can't stop looking at! Our sweet boy and baby girl curretnly are in HCMC, VN (Siagon) in the same orphanage, and in the same "baby room," being cared for by the same nannies. They were both born in August four weeks apart. Both were abandoned right after their birth at the hospital and remained in the hospital for approx 7 weeks before being transferred to the same orphanage. Both are cute as a button and in dire need of this mama's kisses and hugs and lots of lovin'.

Both of these beautiful children finally came available for adoption just after Tet, in mid-February. There were several issues that needed to be discussed with doctors, and we finally accepted the children in early March. We were so lucky to receive many photos of the babies at both 5 and 6 months and a short video clip of both in the orphanage at approx. 6 months old.
The little man is older by 4 weeks, and his face is full of character. He smiles and grins in most of his photos. His smile is contagious and a find myself grinning back when I look at his pictures. He is truly a beautiful baby, but maybe I'm already biased. The nannies at the orphanage report that he is extremely easy going and easily smiles when someone is around. The photos are obvious evidence of this, and in the video he gives his nanny a big gummy grin when he looks at her. He looks strong and raises his head and looks around and smiles in the video.
The sweet baby girl is definitely smaller than him. She has big beautiful brown eyes. Papa remarked that her eyes seem to look right through you. She has beautiful full Vietnamese lips. She is not nearly as animated as him, but also strong and alert. Strangely, the two have similar facial characteristics, except her complexion is a little darker than his. The nannies at the orphanage have affectionately nic-named her "Sunburn." I've been assured that the Vietnamese are a very literal people, and this is definitely a term of endearment. To them, she looks as if she has had too much sun. We suspect she may have a bit of Cambodian blood in her. She is beautiful. But with a giggle and love, we've now started calling her Sunburn too.
The current state of adoptions between the US and VietNam is in transition. VietNam looks as though it will be closing for adoption to US families. We are adopting these beautiful children in the middle of a very tumultuous time, and we will never assume to know what tomorrow will hold. We hope that we will be able to travel to get them around their 1st birthdays, approximately 6 months from now. We will continue to pray that these children come home to us to be wrapped in the love of a family that yearns to be united with them. And we will pray for all the all the orphans in VietNam that they be untied with forever families soon.

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